Getting Started with Lab Equipment in CCIE

If you will be working with Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, you will need some lab equipment in order to do your work. Many labs of Cisco will usually have a time constraint of around eight hours and a hundred points weight on a scale, eighty of which you will need to pass should you wish to be at the helm and run your own Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert lab. The laboratory has been designed in such a way that it will challenge you in the different areas that you will encounter after coming off from the actual exam itself.

Each lab has a distinct theme that will enhance your learning of Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts and its corresponding sub themes such as RIP V2 or Routing Information Protocol. Many lab equipment also have BGP and DLSw+ operations, even Voice, but learning about Routing Information Protocol will certainly get you some extra laurels on your wreath. To be able to run your laboratory, you will need different types of hardware and software components in order to begin Lab 1. For this, eight routers that are loaded with Cisco IOS Software are required, along with an enterprise image.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of 2500 as well as 2600 type of routers readily available for you to be able to use in your laboratory. These routers are also Internet Explorer ready, so that certainly is good news to have one less manual configuration which you need to figure out on your own.

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