Getting the ISO 9000 Certificate the Right Way

When talking about the quality management standardization you are talking about ISO 9000. It talks about guidelines and standards for guaranteeing customer service. ISO 9000 is applicable to almost all sectors. It requires companies implementing this standard to comply certain requirements geared toward customer satisfaction. It also implements regulations again with the aim of keeping customers satisfied.

Companies choose to implement ISO 9000 because of its benefits. For one, some markets and some customers require their suppliers to be ISO 9000 compliant. Without which, the company wouldn’t be able to enter these markets and they wouldn’t be able to supply their customers. The ISO 9000 certified mark provides them a badge of being customer dedicated too. With this badge, their products would be equated to quality.

However, implementing ISO 9000 is not the same as having the ISO 9000 certification. The company would have to satisfy every ISO 9000 requirement. Policies and procedures should be in place, properly documented and properly implemented. And then the company would have to get an external auditor to assess their implementation. If the assessors find them compliant, that’s the time they will be issued an ISO 9000 certification.

But one certification is not viewed the same as the others. Some customers would check who issued the company its certification. This is quite important for them since issuance of the ISO 9000 certification is unregulated. An external auditor can certify any company of this. So if the company wants to have a respected ISO 9000 certification, it must have itself audited and certified by an accredited certifying body. Not only that, they must get someone who is a reputed assessor in their industry.

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