Getting to Know Application Service Provider

Application service provider business is one of the best services that were spawned by modern Internet technology.  Application service provider or ASP is a software solution model that virtually rents out application program technologies to numerous computer program consumers.

Application service providers use standard hypertext transfer protocol and HTML to distribute and deploy computer applications and software suites to end-users.  In other words, consumers only need a computer, a standard web browser, and a reliable Internet connection in order to use specific programs for their computing needs.

An application service provider wholly owns the software or computer programs.  End users will have to pay a fee for its use.  Some application service providers charge clients monthly or annual payments for services rendered while others charge users whenever they use the service.  In rare cases, ASPs may provide the service free for a certain period.  Its a marketing tactic of some ASPs in order to get potential customers or to widen their client base.

Application service providers also maintain the necessary infrastructure to deliver the software to their clients.  ASPs run and maintain their own powerful servers, provide customer support services, and they have their own technology specialists that keep the system running.  Computer programs can be accessed by clients anywhere in the globe because ASPs provide the software through the Internet and can be accessed by account holders.

ASPs provide big help for start-up and small companies and convenience for large corporations.  It can significantly lower the cost of every companys computing requirements.

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