Getting to Know Potential MCP Questions Beforehand

One good way to know what questions may be asked of you during the MCP accreditation exams is to look for simulation exams to take. A simulation exam is a great way of gauging your readiness to take the actual exam because it may contain practically the same type of information of the real exam (but phrased in a different way.) A simulation exam taken under time pressure will also be great at seeing how well you function in a time-pressure situation.

Actually, Microsoft disclosed that majority of the MCP exams will be inclusive of simulation exams too. The degree to which simulation exams become necessary depend greatly on what the exam goals are. Some exams are best used with traditional exam techniques rather than purely simulation exams. One good point clarified by Microsoft is that applicants for the MCP exams will still be given the same time to take them and finish.

A simulation exam is great because it can see how well you execute the particular Microsoft-product-related task (as opposed to simply memorizing the theories regarding it.) A simulation exam is also the closest you will get to a real-world problem and solution set  to get closer to such real world conditions is to actually be working for an employer and solving his Microsoft product problems. The experience you gain from a simulation exam is very valuable and you may be surprised how confident you become by taking simulation exams over and over again.

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