Getting to know some of the major ECM vendors

The Enterprise Content Management is an entity that works strongly in the arena of computing industry.  However, it is not strong enough to neutralize the majority of the sectors in the computer world.  A few of these entities that remain to be sharing prowess with the Enterprise Content Management are the software vendors.

Software vendors are great players in the computing industry that takes majority of the “bestowed authorities” to dominate and rule the whole industry.  These software vendors are practically the companies that create, manufacture, and sell some of the leading software packages that generally of the business organizations are using.  The leader in the software development is of course, the legendary Microsoft Company owned by the billionaire Bill Gates, the International Business Machine or the IBM whose existence dates back to a lot decades before even Bill Gates established the Microsoft Company, the Oracle, the Hyland Software, the Open Text, the Interwoven, the Sungard Data Systems, and the Xythos to name a few.  These vendors according to the magic quadrant are some of the key players in the Enterprise Content Management arena.  Microsoft Company was regarded as a visionary together with Xythos in the year 2007 released magic quadrant.  

The software vendors are greatly affecting the manner Enterprise Content Management works because of the direct impact that these software providers have on the whole concept of how the Enterprise Content Management is being processed and done.  Having said it like that, these software vendors then are regarded as the major players and challengers of the ECM concept.  

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