Going for a CCIE ViOP Certification

There are a lot of advantages of being CCIE certified. There are 5 tracks in CCIE, each referring to a different line of expertise. Among the five, the one that certifies expertise in VoIP solutions is the CCIE Voice track. It used to be a component of CCIE routing and switching certification, but since the inception of CCIE Voice in 2003, the certification for VoIP solutions experts has been the job of CCIE Voice certification.

Like the other CCIE certifications, CCIE VoIP certification requires that the IT professional seeking it pass first the CCIE written exam and then the CCIE lab exam. Fees for such exams are high and so are taking reviews and boot camps for CCIE VoIP. But despite this, Cisco VoIP practitioners still try their luck in it because of the perks it can bring to them. The rewards are just greater than their investment in time and in money.

A CCIE VoIP certified IT professional could get better salary because such certification somehow demonstrates his expertise in the field of VoIP solutions.  Having the certification means not only being knowledgeable but it means having expert knowledge in providing Cisco VoIP solutions to enterprises. Although it does not certify expertise in the infrastructure supporting such solutions, being CCIE VoIP certified means that the person is capable in providing the best VoIP solutions because he is an expert in the field. The status of being CCIE VoIP certified is such a big deal then; being called an expert means being hired and being paid as an expert.

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