Going with the Basics with ISO 9000 2005 Standard

ISO 9000 primarily is a group of standards and guidelines pointed toward quality management. These guidelines and standards are geared to the company processes rather than the product itself. Quality management includes what the company does in order to satisfy customer quality requirements. It also applies to policies and procedures the company implements to meet regulations while making sure that they achieve customer satisfaction. And it also includes the efforts they must make in order to continually improve on their performance and enhance customer satisfaction.

The ISO 9000 2005 is generally the basics of quality management. Companies who want to get an edge by implementation of quality management can make use of this standard. Some do this to satisfy the requirements of their customers. Even the customers or the users of the products need to be in the know of these things to understand how quality is maintained by their suppliers. They may also need to know if indeed their suppliers are satisfying the level of quality they require.

Suppliers and companies who want a seamless integration would want to apply the ISO 9000:2005 standard in order to speak the same language. Auditors and assessors, of course, must be knowledgeable in this in order to better assess companies’ implementation. There are also some companies who train or give advice to companies in their quality management. They must have an in dept knowledge of this too.

Again, ISO 9000:2005 provide the guidelines and standard for quality management. And they are applicable to many parties; the implementing company, their customers, their internal and external auditors and their consultants.

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