Good Governance The Heart of Enterprise Architecture

On any state or country, good governance should be observed at all times. This is to make sure that the interests and welfare of the people should always come first. One good example is modernization, in which buildings, schools, roads, bridges and other infrastructure are built to make things more convenient for the public. This is one way of being of service to the community, honoring a promised agreement that was made during the elections. This is also true with Enterprise Architecture. Governance is the key process to keep changes on target, wherein it involves careful development and implementation of strategic plans that defines that future of the business. This is the main reason why more and more companies are establishing formal Enterprise Architecture processes to support IT governance and management.

Knowledge of IT operations and governance is one good characteristic of an enterprise architect. This is because this is what makes the key people in the organization focused, enthusiastic and optimistic in obtaining business goals. Good governance also means that open communication is observed at all levels within the organization. This is to make sure that company strategies are rolled out effectively in such a way that there will be lesser room for mistakes and errors. Governance, as well as security, is a non-functional requirement that provides the rationale in making company decisions, product selections and standards that support business drivers. The heart of Enterprise Architecture lies on its governance, therefore, there is a need not only to guarantee compliance but also ensure enterprise wide collaboration as it also creates an accountability framework that encourages desirable behavior that truly impacts the business.


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