Google AdWords: The Google Pay Per Click Offering

Driving more traffic to the site is one very primary aim of all website owners. They have to get the most traffic in order to be profitable. But websites need the help of search engines to show the public that their site exists and to show them what it has to offer.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to drive traffic to the site is by availing a service called pay per click or also known as AdWords for Google. By subscribing to this Google business service, the ads for the website will appear in relevant searches. Links to the site will also be shown in sites related to the theme of the website.

The advantage of getting this service is that ads are displayed to targeted audience. People will see the links when they are searching for the site category. People will also see them in sites which are about or at least related to the same things the site is offering. So the interest is definitely there. This is indeed a good investment in terms of site marketing.

As an advertiser, the website owner only pays for the times when the visitors clicks on the links and visit the site. There is no wasted money here. What is billed is the exact number of new visitors the service drives to the site only. While it provides more links and exposure for the site, what is actually paid is the number of clicks visitors make on the ads.  

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