Google Docs Makes Word Processing More Collaborative

Google Docs is a web based word processing application.  It is a major part of Google’s collection of office tools.  Google Docs however can be used to quickly share documents. You will be able to collaborate with peers in creating or revising a document without using email attachments.  

To start using Google Docs, you need to have a Google account.  You will use this account to access your work space.
There are two ways to start working on Google Docs.  First, if you have a ready made document created in Word, you can simply upload this file to your Google Docs work area.  Once uploaded, you can share it with your colleagues and start group revisions.

Another way is to directly create a document on Google Docs.  Use it just like any other word processing application.  Your work will be saved not on your local computer but on Google’s data centers.  You can also share this with peers and collaborate with them in making the necessary revisions.

If you frequently use Google Docs, you can create and configure short cut keys to launch the service.  This is very useful in order to save time whenever you want to access your work area.  You can also create a shortcut key to create a new document to speed up the process of document creation.

It is also easier to find a document on Google Docs.  Just use its search function to quickly find what you need.  Through the search function of Google Talk, you can skip browsing through different folders and files.  This function streamlines your work which could improve productivity.

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