Government Applications of the Balanced Scorecard Methodology

In the year 1992, Kaplan and Norton announced to the world that they were able to come up with a new concept of keeping and maintaining performance measures by means of the balanced scorecard, and such an announcement was greatly received by many organizations around the world. It was originally designed for the use of many members in the private sector but it was powerful enough to go beyond the needs of these members enough tap those that belong in other sectors. Especially in the government. In a lot of government organizations, it was difficult for their early pioneers to adjust and adapt to the concepts of their constituents. But since the government is an institution that is especially familiar with and in dire need of a methodology for measuring their agencies performance, they definitely benefited greatly from the adaptation of the balanced scorecard methodology in running their various systems.

The balanced scorecard was the methodology of choice, for these members of government are all too familiar with the difficulties that come with measuring the impact of their political and social policies on their many stakeholders,and what other performance measurement could give a detailed account of such if not for the balanced scorecard methodology? Only an innovative approach as the balanced scorecard methodology can succeed in creating great results and eye-opening revelations that will pave the way for change in government agencies. Clearly, the significant effects of the balanced scorecard methodology knows no gender, race, age, and in this case, social and political systems.

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