Great Plains ERP is Indeed Great

There is such a high demand for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications in the market due to the equally high number of big corporations and enterprises seeking software that can help them manage their processes and data in a large scale. Because of this demand, software companies of all sizes, from the small start-up to the well-established multinational, are delivering ERP solutions from all directions.

Of course, in such a competitive market, a few will always outshine the rest. One perfect example is the Great Plains ERP, an ERP application for accounting. Great Plains ERP is a product of Microsoft Business Solutions. Like any other Microsoft products, Great Plains ERP exceeds the expectations surrounding it by becoming one of several ERP software applications to get honored by awards.

Great Plains ERP is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that need help in managing, handling, and tracking finances, expenses, and profit. Great Plains ERP makes organizing so much easier by dividing different aspects of accounting into different modules. The company has complete freedom to prioritize the modules according to its needs. It doesn’t matter much how the company arranges the modules since each one manages a group of related processes and produces relevant output that can easily work with other modules’ results. 

Great Plains ERP has two versions–one is standard and the other is professional. Both versions cater to specific business needs, so it is advisable for a company interested to use Great Plains ERP to compare the features of both versions to their specific needs so an informed decision can be made.


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