Growing Certifications for WiMax with 2.5 to 3.5 GHz

Last June of 2008 WiMax Forum was so proud to inform us of the ever first certified multiple-input multiple output 2.5 GHz mobile WiMax. There are actually 10 mobile products that got that certification. And additionally, there are already those that are lined up for the 3.5 GHz. So by the end of this year, expect a ramp up with the certifications being announced by Wimax Forum for these very fast developments.

If you think that this certification is quite easy, then you need to think twice. The testing actually comes as early as the development of the product to make sure that they conform to the standards that were set. Interoperability is still the main key that should be considered. Some of the companies that got this certification include Alvarion, Airspan, Beceem communications, Intel, Samsung, Sequans, ZyXEL and Motorola. They have passed the testing and they have proven that they did not deviate with the MIMO protocols.

And seeing that the companies involved in developing WiMax are quite aggressive with the updates being implemented in providing WiMax standards to the consumer, WiMax Forum made sure that they would also develop a fast record in certifying these products without compromising the standards that were set. And as of the end of this year, they are looking to certify 100 more mobile WiMax products. With the increase in the demand for certification WiMax Forum is making sure that they also expand their global laboratory infrastructure to cater to this growing demand in WiMax certifications.

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