Guarding Information with an Information Security Management System

Information security management system is basically concerned with the security of information. It is important to protect the information available in every company’s system. While it is important that information is disseminated, it is also important that the right information only goes to the people authorized to get them. It is the aim therefore of information security management system to establish and implement certain information processes that will ensure that security in instilled within the system.  These processes should be upheld at all times so that the company system will not be penetrated by unauthorized outside parties. So really, information security management system is about ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of information by establishing the appropriate policies, procedures and processes in the company and in its system.

It is important that the information security management system would remain effective always.  So even if it has already been in place and seems to be effective, it has to be continuous evaluated and reviewed to serve its purpose always. And remediation should be done where necessary too.

So the process actually starts with a planning phase wherein the current system is analyzed and then processes and procedures are established. Then it would be time to implement these procedures and processes to make sure that information security is in place. From time to time the procedures and the processes are reviewed to see if they are still effective. And when and where weaknesses are detected, corrective and preventive adjustments are made. 

If these steps are followed, then information in the company will remain confidential when it needs to and available to those who need it.

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