Guide To The Project Management Body Of Knowledge:

The Best Solution For Your Project Management Queries

The Guide for Project Management Body of Knowledge was first published by Project
Management Institute in 1987. The purpose of his guide is to standardize the project
management practices and information. The latest edition which is the A Guide to the
Project Management Body of Knowledge and the third edition was published on 2004
gives you the basic knowledge in Project Management.
In the third edition, it gives you the different fundamental knowledge of project
management that applies to various projects that includes engineering, construction,
software, automotive and any more. This guide provides you with the five basic
processes and nine knowledge subjects that are practically common to all the projects.
Five process groups are Initiating, Planning, Monitoring and Controlling and lastly
Closing. These process and procedures are related and actively interact with the project.
These are illustrated in terms of inputs such as documents, designs and plans. This also
includes tools, techniques and outputs such as products.
The book actually covers areas like:
1. Project Integration Management,
2. Project Time Management,
3. Project Scope Management,
4. Project Cost Management,
5. Project Quality Management,
6.  Project Communication
7. Project Human Resource Management
8. and Project Procurement Management
The Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge is believed to be an important
tool in any project management career because it is considered to be the official and the
latest standard in today’s leading companies in project management.


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