Have You Heard About the Latest WiMax News?

Slowly, WiMax is being noticed now in the mobile broadband technology world. Just this August of 2008, Sprint partnered with XOHM TM Wimax to create a new experience for the customers. They have on their fingertips to do the magic and work on customizing the locations as well as personalize the needs of their mobile broadband followers.

With this in mind, targeting September as the launching date, Sprint will have the high speed mobile data network that would be available commercially. They would test the ground first in Baltimore but definitely they would want to widen the coverage and make it available in other cities. They want to focus on geobrowsing that would actually make a big difference in the online experience. They are looking into giving a comfortable personalized experience when they get to hook with broadband.

As long as you have a laptop, PDAs or other mobile devices, you would be able to receive personalized information that would interest you. These information would be helpful then since you have everything you need in your fingertips whether you are at home, at work or just anywhere else. Some of these useful information include business pertinent information, interesting entertainment facts, upcoming events or even the weather or the condition of traffic in your area. You can now do everything as long as you are mobile.

And since Sprint is partnered with XOHM, they even plan of enabling APIs or application programming interfacers that would widen the service for developers and other device partners for members of XOHM. In this way, members would be informed that XOHM could help in their data handling but of course with much security policy at tow.

And at the release of this fresh WiMax news, they are still broadening the other services that they can offer along with providing WiMax access to their market. Combining it with local content is not just enough but they still want to incorporate multi media, computing technologies and even other business programs that would help and give a brand new and very rich personal experience to the users.

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