Help Desk Analyst – Not Your Typical Customer Service Agent

What are the most effective solutions to a certain problem? What are the frequently asked questions that help desk specialists usually get? How can an agent shorten his or her interaction with a customer on a particular problem? These are some of the questions that a help desk analyst should answer. Basically, the role of the help desk analyst is like a typical help desk agent: answering calls to customer inquiries, opening a ticket for each customer issues, and escalating calls to more experienced agents or Tier 2 support when the problem still persists after all possible solutions have been given already. However, help desk analysts have other responsibilities aside from doing the regular stuff. There are the following:

1. Examine and troubleshoot problems using the available tools such as help desk software, knowledge database and remote control.
2. Manage, maintain and constantly update knowledge base entries.
3. Install and test hardware devices and software applications to study how they react to certain systems and conditions.
4. Respond to any communication, server or network issues.
5. Provide administrative work such as giving network access rights and permissions to specific users
6. Define and develop inventory procedures.
7. Make sure that help desk agents are up-to-date when it comes to troubleshooting customer issues and request for training when there is a need to.
8. Gather relevant data and collect figures taken from the help desk tools to determine the validity of the resolutions given to customers and track the trouble tickets that need to be escalated.
9. Simplify the process by thinking better approaches on how to get things done.

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