Help Desk Computer Operations Officers – Working Their Way in Securing Company Premises

One may think that a help desk only support phone calls from customers who are having problems with the products and services offered by the company. Say for example, a technical support specialist working for a computer manufacturer like Dell Computers will get possible phone calls about software conflicts or hardware problems. However, there is another aspect of help desk computer operations that happens within the company’s vicinity. Here are some of the functions of these help desk officers:

a) Security – It is the help desk personnel’s responsibility to make sure that every inch of security is being checked and monitored on the computer units that were set up in the operations department. Installing firewall, antivirus and anti-spyware software applications will definitely prevent external treats like hackers, viruses and malwares from reaching the system.

b) Level 2 Support – Another role of the help desk computer operations officer is to assist co-employees whenever they need help in any computer-related issue or concern. When they have difficulties accessing a certain tool or are receiving an error message while doing an online job are some of the things that help desk officers can provide assistance.

c) Access rights and network management – When there are new hired employees or when somebody transferred from one department or another, it is the duty of the help desk personnel to grant access rights and permissions to these people so that they will be able to use all the things and tools that they need to perform their jobs. Help desk officers are also assigned to set up computers and tie them up with the company’s network. 

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