Help Desk Engineer – A Career Worth Eyeing For

One of the most common courses taken by freshmen students in college is engineering. Computer Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Marine Engineering are some of the most popular engineering courses available in various universities and technical colleges. Most of these courses have board exams to get a license that is an essential key in finding a job. However, there are also other certifications that one can take to become a certified engineer.

A help desk engineer is one good example. This position is a vital component in the organizational structure of large companies. To become a successful help desk engineer, just go over these steps:

Step 1: Focus on your academic training. To become a help desk engineer, you should finish a Computer Engineering, Computer Science or Information Technology course. It is also a big plus if you have customer service experience in the past and proficient with most computer applications.

Step 2: Get your industry-standard certifications such as an A+ certification from the Computer Technology Industry Association, an HDI (Help Desk Institute) and MCDST (Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician) certifications.

Step 3: Come in prepared before the interview. Familiarize yourself about the company profile, its staff and partners. Take a closer look on the products and services offered by the company to increase your chances in getting the help desk engineer position.

Step 4: Be creative in answering questions both during the interview and while taking a pre-hiring examination. This will test your thorough understanding of the role of a help desk engineer and its contribution to the company.

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