Help Desk Managers – Making a Difference for their People

It seems like the presence of the senior leadership in the call center industry is not being felt at all times. Help desk managers are present when there are celebrations, announcements, meetings, and conference calls. It is very seldom that you see them coordinating with supervisors or talking to help desk agents. Does this mean that they are not doing what they are supposed to do? This is a big NO. There is no doubt that the help desk agents are the front liners, giving away troubleshooting steps to pacify customer issues and fix their problems. Coaches and team leaders, on the other hand, take supervisory calls and assist agents on almost about any call center related concern. But help desk managers also do their fair share of the game. Though it is not really felt by everybody, they are working their butts out in ensuring that everything is under control.

Help desk managers are the ones responsible in keeping track of the issues that agents are constantly getting. They are to summarize these data and formulate a report to determine the effectiveness of knowledge based entries and at the same time, give suggestions on how such issues should be addressed. They are also the ones thinking of initiatives to make work easier and more convenient for the agents and supervisors. The ability to relay such significant call center impacting information quickly and accurately to upper management, joined with the efficient supervision of help desk support are some of the important characteristics of the help desk manager. The overall operation of the help desk is the key indicator on how effective communication and coordination with the senior leadership can truly make a difference.

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