Help Desk PC Support to Answer your Needs

In a help desk support, there are three levels where support requests
of customers are handled.  These levels of support are as follows:
1.  First level Support handles problems and questions of customers. 
     It provides customers the solution to their problems through the
     basic application of the system and/or hardware assistance.
    An electronic Help Desk will answer the call.  Through the use
    case-based reasoning system the customer is able to have an
    automatic interface with the system.
2.  Second Level Support deals with problems that cannot be
     resolved at the first level.  A Technical Analyst handles this
     case.  It provides a more complex support and provides
     application software and hardware expertise solution to callers. 
3.  Third Level Support deals with problems that cannot be
     resolved at the 2nd level.  Most of the common problems are
     software bugs that require a review of the programming. 

 Of the three (3) level of support, the help desk desktop 3rd
level support is the most critical level that needs immediate
attention.  The need for core experts at this level is a must. 
It is expected that these experts would  develop, research and
provide support services such as hardware repair, email,
networking, telephony, and client-server applications The third
level support are for companies with limited IT staff or where
a network administrator support presence is required.  Most
of the common problem handled is on Advanced Configuration

At the 3rd level, a high demand of outcomes is expected by an
organization.  Thus, a comprehensive report should be provided
from the first level entry up to the 3rd level, to continuously have
the flow of business operation to run smoothly.  Keep customers
happy by providing them the ultimate satisfaction.


As human beings certainty as to life and death, so are
computer softwares and hardwares.  In as much as
computers are man made and may either breakdown
or malfunction.  Technicians are the knight and shining
armor in white horses that run to the rescue of users having
difficulty with their PC. 

In today’s advanced technology, help desk pc support is
available for users to address their concerns or inquiries.  
When customers find problems on their PC, the very
first thing that comes to their mind is to call the pc support. 
At most times, lack of understanding on the operational
features of the PC is generally assume to be a breakdown
and the call support is called to the attention.   The help
desk pc support also allows organizations to immediately
answer inquiries on a 24/7, thus providing a high quality
of service to customers.   The help desk pc support
allows your customers and technicians to have internet
connection and access to the web browser.  Customers
and technicians can communicate online and tackle the
problem at hand on a one on one conversation. The help
desk pc support is designed for the Internet and Intranet
logging to anywhere.  It does not limit you to hire technician
even from remote places.  The help desk pc support
provides automatic notification to technicians through
email or pager to look into a support problem immediately. 
Its database is fully searchable, and also includes customer
history, tons of statistics, and much more.  A help desk pc
support screen problems and address problems to the
appropriate department to handle the request.

Reduce the handling times of finding solutions to your
customers.  Make the help desk pc support your tool in
starting to build relationship to your clients.

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