Hewlett Packard Comes Out With HP Help Desk Services

Hewlett Packard is known for creating great printers that do a great
job for home-based and traditional employees alike. But now, Hewlett
Packard is also accepting outsourced contracts to supply the service
desk services of client companies. Hewlett Packard calls this
function the HP Service Desk (or HP Help Desk) service.

Outsourcing helps many companies who do not consider Information
Technology to be their core competency. These client companies can
outsource their HP Service Desk needs to the Hewlett Packard company
so that they can lessen the burden on their in-house IT personnel,
become more flexible with their business functions, and reap cost
savings in the process. Hewlett Packard offers both customer and
standard service desk packages to client companies.

When a client company or client organization allows it help desk
function to be shouldered by Hewlett Packard through its HP Help Desk
service, the client organization is able to stay flexible enough to
adjust to a fluctuating business environment, enhance the efficiency
of its IT people as well as productivity of end-users, make the
support system become less complicated to deal with by both the
management of the client organization and end-users, manage existing
costs and predict future expenses, hike service response and
resolution speed, and permit its in-house IT department to
concentrate on making the core competencies of the client
organization function and improve over time.

Why should a client organization choose to outsource to Hewlett
Packard, among all the other possible choices? Hewlett Packard is
competent at workplace outsourcing (as perceived by reputable
analysts such as Forrester and META Group.) Hewlett Packard relies
only on best practices at industry standard level for its IT service
management functions.


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