Hewlett Packard Help Desk Facility

The Hewlett Packard is a company that caters to providing
hardware and software products for home and home office,
small and medium businesses, large enterprise business,
government, health and education.  Hewlett Packard covers
even supplies and accessories.  AS a result of these, the
growing customers demand fro more attention and when
problems arise, an immediate solution should be made available.
Due to the various products that it offers to the market, the
HP experts are always made available to answer queries may
it be simple or complex on a 24/7 service.  To keep its
customers updated and be able to track customers
inquiries/problems, the HP featured the HP Total Care
Facility to address needs of its buying public.  The following
are the benefits that the HP Total Care facility provides:

1.  The HP website is available 24/7 and is loaded with
     diagnostic tools, software updates, security tips and
     troubleshooting hints.
2.  Free online classes on " Tune Up your PC" and
     "Getting Started with Digital Photography
3.  Get access to HP’s knowledgeable technicians that
     will answer questions on "how to" handle a problem
     in the product that is not covered by a warranty.

The HP help desk also provides a search engine to
direct customers to a specific product and it also allows
customers to download drivers given the product code. 
There are links to inform users of the nearest service
support should the product need to be physically seen
by a technician.  There are options also provided for
customers to choose on how to get in contact with HP.

The HP help desk greatly helps HP to continuously
provide good quality product and service, thus earning
big profits as well.

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