High Five for VMware 5

VMware for virtual machines have been around for quite some time now. The latest version it has been able to offer is the version 5. There are many satisfied users of VMware, which undoubtedly explains the steady upgrades done with this virtualization solution. A couple of months ago they released VMware version 5 and as such there are many people whose jobs involve software development and reviewing have been eagerly anticipating such an offering and have made their jobs a lot less difficult. The release of VMware 5 is the product of strict focus and concentration on the actual and practical needs of different testers and developers who would be using such a release in order for them to manage and deliver the great new features that are waiting to be used.

One of its most salient productivity features for many developers would be the new feature called new team functionality. By this, we mean that a team is present to help you group together multiple virtual machines into one single entity. Doing so will allow you a more efficient method of turning on a web server, a client and a database server and let you boot up all three virtual machines at the same time in one swiftly fluid operation. Aside from this, this new feature also has an improved memory sharing technology to allow developers to work in teams more efficiently. Using memory sharing, you are less likely to take up around 512 megabytes of physical random access memory because the VMware is aware of what can be found on every ram.

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