How CMMI Process Areas are evaluated?

CMMI process areas are specific fields of specializations that are included in the entire set of CMMI application for product development and improvement of organizational methodologies.  There are twenty two specific process areas of CMMI which can be categorized into four major fields of specializations.  The four major categories of CMMI process areas are Process Management, Engineering, Process Management, and Support.

On each CMMI process area category, maturity levels of organization are assigned so that appraisal of service provision can be accurately determined.  Process areas can be appraised based on the different levels of CMMI.  It should be noted however that CMMI Level 1 appraisal is not included in the categorization.  That’s because developers of CMMI want to make sure that process areas can be assessed based on certain levels of organization and management applied on each category.

Aside from maturity levels, process areas are also assessed based on goals and purposes that are inherent on each process.  Goals are determined whether it is a specific goal or a generic goal.  Process areas that are assessed based on specific goals seek to investigate the strength of the organization on a specific process.  On the other hand, generic goals are applicable to any process area and can be used to assess any categories of CMMI.  Companies normally use generic goal assessment to determine the general maturity and strength level of an organization.  After undergoing such assessment, a more specialized study will be undertaken using specific goal assessments to refine the categorization of each CMMI process area. 

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