How Do I Best Absorb CISSP Study Material?

The CISSP accreditation exam is pretty tough to take  imagine having to answer 250 questions (multiple choice at that) within the six hours provided to you. You might be thinking: 250 questions? That is chicken feed! Ah, but is it? If the exam providers had the wisdom to give you six hours for the whole exam, those must be some of the hardest 250 questions you have ever encountered in your whole IT career. So best prepare well by studying the CISSP material closely.

To pass the CISSP accreditation exam, you have to go through the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge first. This database of knowledge can be pretty exhausting to study  unless you focus on just one of its 10 domains and gain experience in that in your current IT job. Actually, that is why the exam providers stipulate that you need to have a certain level of experience in at least one of the Common Body of Knowledge domains to be permitted to take the CISSP accreditation exam. Wisdom dictates that experience is the wisest of teachers.

The Common Body of Knowledge is concerned with information systems security. This means that you will be exposed to concepts, principles, technologies, tools and best practices in the field of modern security systems for IT. One expert says that you should devote at least three months (six months at the most) just for preparation for the CISSP accreditation exam. Many people who have successfully hurdled the CISSP exam say that you should complement self-study attempts with exposure through instructor-led classes and even immersion in CISSP accreditation boot camps.

You can also prepare a mock exam yourself and test if you have what it takes to take such a mock exam for six hours. Or use a mock exam ready made by others.

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