How Do I Find a Reputable Contractor Disaster Recovery Specialist?

Business and organizations that have undergone both or either man-made or natural adverse circumstances such as terrorism attacks, windstorms, bomb explosions and earthquakes should hire a reliable disaster recovery contractor. However, make sure to consult first any involved agency about the possibility of getting state aid so that an assessment of the damaged property can be done before any repairs are done on it.

How can you find a reputable contractor? First, you have to screen the contractor, whether he is licensed or not. You can ask any of your neighbors who may have previously hired a disaster recovery contractor to repair damages like yours. You should ask for at least three references to see if the contractor has been able to commit to good job performance and charged a fair price from previous clients. You can call your local Better Business Bureau to check out their list of contractors acknowledged by the bureau to be reputable. Secondly, you should jot down any necessary licenses and certifications (such as insurance certification, working license, or building permits) which may be needed if you have to report problems that cropped up later. However, you should not sign any insurance settlements with any contractor. Thirdly, ensure that your signature on a bid does not constitute as an authorization to start the work with the contractor. Next, you must secure written contracts which will cover the scope of work, materials, costs and payment schedules. In making payments to contractors, it is suggested to pay them periodically (meaning, pay a fractional percent so they will start work and also as work progresses.) In addition, purchase materials along with your contractor or pay the supplier directly. You should ensure that the repairs made follow the local building standards. You may hire a structural engineer to double-check the major repairs made before you make a final payment. Lastly, you should demand a release paper of lien from a contractor to protect yourself from any legal claims later on.

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