How Do I Identify What is Planned Change in Educational Management?

First, educational management itself is defined as the discipline of operating an
educational institution (such as administration of a college or university, for example.)
Educational management should always aim to support the educational institution in its main
reason for existing, which is to provide quality education to its students. Thus, we can
say that any planned change in educational management should never divert or distract the
educational institution from its purpose of educating students.

When the values that are supposed to be imparted to the students by the educators are
sacrificed for the sake of management procedures (as is the case with many bureaucratic
educational institutions that are top heavy and put undue emphasis on Doing Things This Way
Because This Is The Way We Always Have Done It, rather than pursuing innovations that will
help students become better learners.)

Some progressive educational institutions have adopted use of the Internet into their
educational processes as part of a planned change in educational management. Now that such
a move has been proven to be quite effective at reaching out to non-traditional learners
(who may have other familial or occupational responsibilities to juggle along with their
need to earn a degree), other educational institutions are following suit.

This shows that sometimes it requires a maverick to show the way to implement a planned
change in educational management. This is because many leaders of educational institutions
have become so used to education as it has been practiced in the past that they find it
difficult to adopt innovations as part of planned change in educational management.

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