How Do I Initiate Professional Management Sales Training Efforts?

First of all, what do we mean when we refer to something as being professionally done? It implies a degree of competence  thus Professional Management Sales Training means Competent Management of Sales Training efforts. So how do we make sure that Management of Sales Training is done in a competent manner?

First, the Sales Training leader or moderator ought to have excellent grasp of appropriate Sales Training concepts.

Second, this moderator should know exactly how to express these concepts and even explain their real-world applications to the trainees.

Third, the Sales Training itself ought to be succinct yet detailed (a nice balance if you can get it.) This is because in sales, you often do not get much of a chance to go into an academic analysis of the product being sold. The client may be too impatient, bored, or intelligent to listen to a long tedious point-by-point explanation of why this product or service you are selling is important to the client  so as a Sales Manager, you need to prove to the trainees the value of a short and sweet sales pitch.

Fourth, Professional Management Sales Training also means emphasizing ethics. In one life insurance company, the President of the company advised the life insurance agents to make subtle threats that the client might die soon and miss out on the chance to by a whole life insurance policy to cover his accidental or future death. Professional means adhering to a certain code of ethics in real-life selling situations, despite the pressure to meet daily selling quotas.

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