How do ISTQB Sample Papers Help an Examinee?

A lot of things have been said and discussed about how one can better prepare for the ISTQB certification.  But one of the more unnoticed techniques that one can effectively use is the use of the sample papers for ISTQB. 

Sample papers for ISTQB are the sets of questions that have been used previously or sample questions that some experts have devised based on the general experience of the people who have taken the examination.  The good thing about the sample paper is that it allows for the direct simulation of the examination based on an expert’s experience.  In addition to that, there is an added sense of validity with the sample papers because they have been collated and collected from official examinees and examiners making them more believable and legal.

Examinees can actually acquire so many things with sample papers.  For one, the simulation of the examination is explicitly manifested on the sample paper helping them understand the real environment of the actual ISTQB exams.  Another thing, thru the sample papers, any examinee can test and validate his strength and possible weaknesses. 

Generally, the sample papers are there just to give guidance.  Although it is usually said that learning the sample papers is like learning whatever comes out in the exam.  It is as good as having the official examination paper right in front of you.  In essence, majority of examinees are taking the sample papers seriously because a great percentage of the question from the actual and official examination comes out from the sample papers that are circulating around.

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