How Do You Pursue Disaster Relief and Recovery After a Disaster?

Disaster relief and recovery includes supplying goods and services to disaster-affected areas when natural
disasters (such as hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, or earthquakes) or man-made disasters (such as terrorism,
radiation fallout, or civil disorder) occur. Furthermore, disaster relief and recovery is intended to relieve
the disaster-affected communities as determined by the State through conveying programs to boost
resilience and ease risks brought by a disaster. The scope of disaster relief and recovery efforts depend
upon the intensity of the destruction caused by a disaster.

Disaster relief and recovery includes both the immediate initial assistance to disaster victims and the
long-term assistance leading to rehabilitation of the disaster-affected communities and the residents.
NGOs, international organizations, business entities, private sponsors and donors work together to raise
funds to support disaster relief and recovery projects during and after times of disaster. Reliefs supplied
can be medical supplies, safe drinking water, foods, temporary shelter, and sanitary facilities. On one hand,
recovery projects can be in the form of building reconstruction and rehabilitation, (including housing,
hospital or school), teacher training to help children to continue education, and giving free birth registration
to newly born babies during or after the disaster. To further promote rehabilitation of the disaster-affected
community, disaster sponsoring parties can provide vocational training (including those supplied to health
workers) which can be necessary for micro-enterprise development, sanitation enhancement, health
system rehabilitation, and providing psychosocial support for children and adults of the affected

Some organizations which actively render disaster emergency relief and recovery to disaster-affected
communities are NGOs, Red Cross International, Rotary International, Ends of the Erath Ministries, and
Plan’s Organization.

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