How Does a Help Desk PC Computer Call Center Handle Angry Callers?

So you entered a call center as a help desk staff for personal
computer and computer concerns and boy, do you feel proud of
yourself – until on your first day on the job, when you get a call
from a very, very angry customer who apparently is not in the mood to
recognize you as a professional help desk staffer. So how does a help
desk PC computer call center agent handle angry callers like this one then?

First, never take anything the callers say personally. That is the
main thing you should remember when you get an angry caller on your
end. Take deep breaths if necessary to calm yourself down and try to
stay focused on diagnosing the problem presented to you.

Second, use statements that are known to help calm down the other
party – like I Understand Where You Are Coming From With This; or I
Think I See What The Problem Is.

Third, wait out the tirade of the caller before proposing a solution.
Yes, this means having a massive storehouse of patience (as well as
tough ears) to withstand all that yelling and cursing over the phone
– but that is what professionalism is all about.

Then, try to let the client know that you can emphathize with their
circumstances. If the problem is really complex, that may explain why
the client feels so frustrated. Honey attracts more flies than
vinegar so it does not help if you become sarcastic as well (not to
mention you might find yourself out of a job if you resort to that.)

If you can see that your organization is truly at fault (maybe
because the defect cited by the caller is a production-related
defect), then you might try apologizing for the inconvenience (unless
of course there are legal restrictions in your contract as a help
desk staffer that prohibit you from admitting fault for the company
until a supervisor or legal counsel can examine the case.)

Angry callers are part and parcel of the life of a help desk
technical support staff. So do your best to keep your cool and do
your job the way you were trained to do it.

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