How Does Configuration Management Control Project Scope?

To answer the question "How does configuration management control project scope?", it is good to first have an understanding of the term configuration management. Configuration management basically tells an Information Technology expert how to go about modifying, upgrading or changing an existing business network. When dealing with a large-scale network, any slight change made at any point can produce adverse effects which may be difficult to troubleshoot. With configuration management, there will be lesser room for error because the software and hardware experts would have a better idea of the variables affecting the network’s operation.

Now, going back to the question at hand  configuration management controls a project’s scope by setting the parameters. For this, there should be one ruling software or hardware configuration management tool. This way, the core training of each IT personnel to work on the project will not deviate from each other. It will be like there is only one person working on the entire project, instead of a team of IT experts, for example. As the individuals involved in the project becomes more familiar with the tool, you will gain better control of the quality of output that you wish to produce. As a final note, configuration management will control the project scope by setting rules on how to review, approve and implement the changes made within a computer network system  be it in the hardware or the software department. The important thing is to gain control of the project, meet the requirements, work with minimal errors and utilize the cost-saving benefits of a good software configuration management tool.

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