How Does MIS Relate to Public Information Systems?

Public weather information systems, education public information systems and public access information systems – these are just a few examples of information systems which governmental and private organizations make available to the public. This is all under a branch of Information Technology which is called Management Information Systems or MIS.  Basically, MIS deals with the utilization of procedures, people and technology in order to solve the problems of any type of organization.

So how does MIS relate to public information systems such as the examples mentioned previously? Without MIS, both the public sectors and private business organizations would not experience any level of success. This is because they are knowledge-dependent entities and as such – there is a need for them to efficiently gather, process, store and distribute information.

Take a local weather station as an example. In order for them to efficiently provide information about the weather to the general public, there are several things that they need to do. Logging the weather, setting up a public information system, automating the process and meeting the needs of the general public when it comes to accessing data about the weather are some of the steps that they need to perform. In order for this local weather station to report the weather real-time to the general public, they need to use MIS to collect, process, store and disseminate data about the weather.  By doing so, they can efficiently carry out their functions and responsibilities as a public organization. No matter what type of industry it is that you are in, you can definitely use MIS to efficiently manage the information that you are dealing with as a company, and use its applications to resolve the problems that you are facing as an organization.

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