How Headhunters Can Help You Find the Right IT Management Jobs

Back in 2001, it is said that IT headhunters literally found themselves with a lot of idle
time due to the lack of employers who wanted to hire for the IT Management positions. But
nowadays, IT headhunters are finding demand for their services growing as more IT
Management jobs open up for hiring.

If you have gotten help from a headhunter in securing an IT Management job, rule number 1
is always: never pay the headhunter yourself. Paying him falls under the jurisdiction of
your potential employer.

Of course, there are always novices at applying for IT Management jobs who do pay up and
find themselves regretting that due to the hefty fees headhunters charge.

If you are sure that the headhunter you are in touch with is also in touch with different
potential employers (meaning, the employer in the list of one headhunter does not know the
other headhunters you contacted), then that is good for you. It means that if you submit
your resume to that bunch of headhunters, then there will not be redundant copies at one

However, it is a myth that tapping headhunters is the only way you can get hired. Actually,
you might find your chances of getting hired growing if you use your social contacts like
officemates, buddies from college, or even relatives who work in the same IT industry as
well. Though headhunters have an advantage because they do job searches for a living,
people you know may be able to direct you to the right employer more easily and faster than
the headhunter can.

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