How ITIL software asset management can benefit you

The challenge in Asset Management and Configuration lies with the delivery of quality IT services that both client and service provider can agree upon, particularly with regards to the service levels. At the same time, Asset Management and Configuration efforts should help the client organization be able to adapt to changes within the operating environment of its business. Software asset management requires that the client organization be able to implement ways to secure the maximum value out of IT production and services so that in the end the business can ensure the highest possible return of investment in the infrastructure.
To balance these priorities, there is a need for effective asset management and configuration management software that is founded on a solid base. This helps the client to be sure that it is getting the best service from its outsourced IT service support and delivery. Having a best-practices base for the Asset Management and Configuration Management software will allow successful implementation of the said functions.
Asset management software provides real-time insight that will help you to take control of tracking capability such as calculating the knowing the assets you currently have, the worth of all assets, where they are located, how effective they are in supporting your business and how well they are presently working. Many organizations are willing to invest a lot in software whether these for internal or external usage.
Some of the benefits brought about by asset management are: the supply of accurate information for all IT configuration items which can support the service delivery and the support process; provision of trend and impact analysis information in change management and problem management; improvement in IT security featuring an advantageous configuration in item control; an increase in customer satisfaction; improvement in financial planning through clear identification of all the assets and all related associations; improved software license management; and increased confidence in IT service management and the IT system being used.

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