How many times have you heard “why is this pc so expensive???

– I can go down to the local pc store and pick one up for half that price?”  Of course I am referring to the ongoing debates that IT people have with the business in terms of the “cost” of a pc – ie TCO – Total Cost of Ownership.


I am constantly having the same discussions with IT people around this very topic.  Strangely enough, many of them, although they have a good understanding of TCO, fall short of using this as a justification to business for the ongoing support and maintenance of the hardware.


This is where ITIL® helps…


I am wondering if anyone out there has their own spreadsheet/model where all costs associated with the life of that resource is listed and taken into consideration.  And all that the customer sees is that information???


I am assuming for that to be effective as a decision making tool, then there would need to be some acknowledgement of procurement as a service and conditions around that in the SLA.



I am appealing to the masses out there (for purely non selfish, sharing reasons), for a sample of such a spreadsheet/model that I may refer to in my training to help others in their neverending plight for TCO!


Please feel free to email on


Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service



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