How potential are you going to land a job when you are ECDL Certified?

Being an ECDL certified opens too many opportunities for you.  Your skills and capabilities are recognized not only locally but world wide as ECDL is known to have a good reputation and established credibility in the international scene. 

As we all know, the ECDL is a process to gain literacy in the use of computers in the industrial setting.  This means that the main thrust of the course is geared towards potentially equipping the learner with the skills and knowledge on how he can become useful and functional in the present demands of the workforce industry.  The ECDL course after completing it shall better prepare you:

• To become potent element of the workforce capable of handling all computer-related jobs.
• To easily adjust with the industrial requirements as the modules being offered in the whole duration of the course is industry-based. 
• To be equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge on a computerized environment. 

The current demand of the industry and the labor force is very high.  As such, the best way to cope with this demand is to be prepared on how to become a qualified one and learn how to gain excellent skills to answer this current workforce demand. 

The chances of becoming employed after having been certified in your ECDL course is way too high compared to those who did not gain certification.  The industry needs someone who is qualified and certified.  Your skills are there and you gained certification.  So, what reasons would the industry have not to hire you?

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