How Siebel Systems work to improve the Siebel Supportweb

The Siebel Systems is fully aware of the importance and essence of having a properly maintained and up-to-date support web system. It is one of the mechanisms that Siebel Systems uses in ensuring that all of its clients and potential customers are able to access the latest and most updated information there is about Siebel Systems.  It is for this reason that a pool of technically savvy people are grouped together in order to make sure that they work on the support web alone. 

The work that is shouldered by this group of people is primarily to periodically check the web support content.  Some of the specific details that they need to comply with are the following:

a. Make sure that all pieces of information are current and that outdated bits of information are immediately removed from the web content.
b. Make sure that all functionalities in the web support are all working as designed being as user-friendly as it is and easy to navigate.
c. Create and design a web site that is both graphically amusing to net visitors and all at the same time relevant and useful to potential clients.
d. Make sure that there is a periodic check on the web contents and on the multimedia elements that are embedded on the site. 
e. Determine what sort of technology is making waves in the industry and how it can be applied on the web support site.  This is one way of ensuring that the Siebel support web is not out of tune in terms of the technology that is employed on a support site.

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