How Software Beta Testing Helps in Applications Development

When in beta, the software can be considered fully functional but still in the process of refinement.  That is why software developers are releasing the application to a wider audience in order to see how it performs in real life.  Software beta testing is a standard practice in programs and applications development. 

There are two types of beta testing.  The first one is open beta and the other is closed beta.  In open beta, the software is release to the general public and delivered as a freeware demo application.  Feedback is then solicited by the developers to know how the software performed.  In closed beta testing, the software is released to limited testers.  Usually, these testers are targeted audience and they will be required to send feedbacks to the developers. 

For some developers, the limited software beta testing would be more effective.  Because the testing population is filtered, they can get accurate feedback from them.  Meaningful feedback is usually absent if the software is released on open beta testing.

During beta testing, the main concern of developers is to know the application bugs that they overlooked.  Normally, these bugs do not arise on normal test conditions.  But if the software is used extensively and subjected to actual conditions, bugs will become evident.  That is why software developers are always making sure that their program passes the beta testing first before they release the full version.  In this way, they can deliver a bug free application to their clients and ensure their loyalty and continued patronage.

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