How Taxonomy becomes related with ECM

When we hear the word taxonomy we often associate and regard this as something related to the field of science and medicine.  This perception is indeed correct, however, in the computing world as related to the arena of Enterprise Content Management, taxonomy is a process that is used for sorting the volumes of documents as a method to make the searching for any document or record a lot more easy.  This is almost visible when someone tries to browse the documents via the online process.  

The idea behind the concept of taxonomy in relation to Enterprise Content Management is to be able to come up with dynamic group of directional path in order to locate and search for a document.  When trying to search for something on the Internet, you can actually put several taxonomies on the keyword that you are searching so that many search results are possible to be obtained.  From the taxonomy tree, you can then locate the most appropriate search that it has yielded.

Now, when you try to associate the idea of taxonomy in the field of Enterprise Content Management, you can easily do that by thinking about what Enterprise Content Management encompasses.  As we all know, the Enterprise Content Management is all about storing and managing of documents and information that are related to the organizational process.  If the proper taxonomy is placed onto the proper engine of the Enterprise Content Management, then it can result into a more powerful and strong document handling mechanism.  

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