How TIBCO Expands Educational Endeavors in BPM

Tibco has been around for several years, serving the business world by implementing solutions for integrations and providing a quality approach that will help to reduce risks, accelerate delivery and ensure quality solutions each time, every time. In the realm of business process management, the integrated group of TIBCO’s PSG or Professional Services Group provide service to their customers by helping them plan and implement different integrative solutions by one way leveraging only the best practices that revolve around the said company’s Information Bus. Such an Information Bus serves as an architecture that provides an assortment of useful software products that also have reusable components and with the ability to provide solid expertise in any aspect of business process management, thanks to their customer implementation teams.

TIBCO helps their many clients by deploying their implementation teams and smoothly running TIBCO software as fast as they can. In BPM education, TIBCO even has an on-site training ground that provides training programs via a Technical Learning Center that has numerous classrooms all around the world, as well as a virtual training set up. Other professionals in the field of business process management can also benefit from TIBCO’s packaged and easily customizable courses which TIBCO itself delivers to the clients. TIBCO courses include everything that has to do with business process management, from the fundamentals of the Information Bus architecture all the way to more advanced aspects of the use and administration of particular products. This serves as evidence of TIBCO’s commitment to service, excellence and advancement in business process management.

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