How to Acquire Certification for MCDST Vista

The details for the MCDST or Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician certification were created during the height of Microsoft Windows XP use. However, when Microsoft released its new operating system which is the Microsoft Windows Vista, many professionals saw the need for an MCDST upgrade. There is a need for professionals who can troubleshoot the different desktop environments in Microsoft Windows Vista. That is why the MCDST – Microsoft Windows Vista or known as the MCDST Vista was created.

The MCDST Vista is also known as the MCTS Vista or the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: Windows Vista, Configuration. This is also a kind of certification that was designed to prove one’s skills and knowledge about his understanding of the features and functions of Windows Vista. This also aims to prove one’s know-how on troubleshooting the network-connectivity and application issues in Windows Vista.

To validate as an examinee for the MCTS Vista, one should have at least a year of IT experience involving how to resolve the various issues on network connectivity and working with the desktop platform, applications, and security. To earn the MCTS Vista, the examinee needs to pass one exam.

Meanwhile, those who are already MCDST certified can choose to upgrade their certification. The professional just have to pass the upgrade exam which is called as the Exam 70-621. The Microsoft Learning can also help him to pass this upgrade exam through reviewing candidates on the Exam 70-621 which is entitled PRO: Upgrading Your MCDST Certification to MCITO Enterprise Support.

Having the MCTS Vista or MCDST Vista will surely answer the need for individuals who can resolve issues on the new Microsoft Windows platform.

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