How to Approach Exam Cram CCNA

There are two ways of approaching an exam cram effort for the CCNA certification – you may either do it alone by yourself, or you may seek out help from a professional exam cram CCNA guide. Either way, there is a right way to go about it and a wrong way.

If you are used to cramming for exams like the way you did back in high school or college, then sad to say you will probably fail the CCNA exam if you pursue that behavior. Just because it is called exam cram does not mean you literally cram for the exam. Rather, it means that you will take some shortcuts to covering material that you had already read through before.

The first step is always to assess what you are certain you know or are proficient at already. You may jot down on paper the topics in a particular CCNA subject that you feel sure you have mastered. Then look back over the other topics and write down on a separate paper which of them you feel you ought to return to and become more skilled at.

Many students make the mistake of trying to literally cram as much blind facts into their heads as they can. This is never a good approach to studying. You should try to cover what you can in the time you have, so that before
you leave that topic you have already mastered it. Quality over quantity should be your motto.

You should aim for being able to apply the knowledge in practical real-world situations as well. If you know how the theoretical knowledge in your book is applied in real-world conditions, this allows your brain to make the necessary associations – and learning becomes much easier.

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