How to be a Certified Information Systems Auditor

Information systems auditor is a hit to many companies due to the increasing demand for professionals who can analyze IT problems and create solutions to them. That is why many are now willing to take courses on Information Systems and Management to answer this big demand. However, aside from taking this famous course, it is also valuable for companies and different individuals aiming for this career to be a Certified Information Systems Auditor.

A Certified Information Systems Auditor is a professional auditor that was already certified for the field. There are a lot of benefits being a Certified Information Systems Auditor and among these is being a real professional in the field and acquiring better opportunities and higher salary. However, before being a Certified Information Systems Auditor, one should first pass an examination for the certification which includes the six Context Areas. These are the IS Audit Process, which covers 10 percent of the entire examination; IT Governance, 15 percent; Systems and Infrastructure Lifecycle Management, 16 percent; IT Service Delivery and Support, 14 percent; Protection of Information Assets, 31 percent; and Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, 14 percent.

There are also requirements needed before taking the exam to become a Certified Information Systems Auditor. The candidate should have at most one year experience in information systems or financial/operational auditing. If he or she has completed at least 60 to 120 college semester credit hours on related field, this can also be substituted to the one-year experience required. A two-year experience as a full-time university instruction in computer science, information systems auditing, accounting, and other related fields can also substitute the one-year experience needed.

These prerequisites are the stepping stones for anyone dreaming to have a better career in being a Certified Information Systems Auditor.

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