How to Be a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Every year, more and more businesses are into using the various methods and strategies to promote good management and good quality of products and services. Surely, a lot has changed in the years as business competitions are getting tougher than ever.

Using the Six Sigma concept is very beneficial in healthcare, banking and call center companies. No matter how big or small the corporation, it can use the Six Sigma approach. However, some are having hesitations because it is quite difficult to hire the services of Six Sigma Black Belts. But there is another strategy one can use to lessen the need for Black Belts. A businessman may decide to require his team to undergo Six Sigma training. Once they have Green Belt training, they will need lesser number of Black Belts in that case. To have lean Six Sigma Green Belt, you must undergo training and pass the certification exam.

It does not matter you are merely an ordinary employee to take the exam. To obtain good results, the management can be divided into groups and each group has a leader to guide the other members. In the end, they should have enough familiarity with factorials, regressions, probability, statistics and quantitative trend analyses. Other basics involved in the certification exam include permutations and combinations, dispersion, linear and non-linear analysis, central tendency and matrix. Once the trainees are fully aware of these topics, then they will surely have high chances of passing the Green Belt certification exam. In this way, the dependence on Black Belts is reduced.

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