How To Be A Project Management Professional

To be a Project Management Professional, you need to have recognized certification in
project management. This certification is handled by the Project Management Institute
and is established based on the PMP Examination Specification that is printed by PMI.

There are three levels of certification before you can earn this title. You have to start with
Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) which is considered to be the
fundamental level and its main purpose is to certify project team members. Second level
is the Project Management Professional (PMP). In this level of project management, it is
regarded as the standard certification in all of Project Management. People who already
passed this certification test and met the requirements in PMI successfully are privileged
to use the PMP abbreviation along with their name.

The Criteria:

First of all, a high school diploma is very important in acquiring this certificate. To be a
Project Management Professional, you have to meet certain experience requirements and
educational attainment. The individual must agree to hold to a “code of professional
conduct”. These professionals are supposed to pass the examination to objectively
evaluate and determine the knowledge in project management. Besides that, a Project
Management Professional should purse continuing certification conditions and

There are advanced certifications that you can avail of. This particular certification is for
Project Management Professionals that already have extensive experience. Although the
qualifications and testing for this certification is difficult, it is generally respected
certification in Project Management. The Project Management Professional exam and
experience conditions and requirements actually concentrate on the different five process
groups: Initiating, Planning development, Execution, Control and Closing.

To be a Project Management Professional you have to earn certain degree in project
management. It is very important for professionals to continuously take up courses that
will advance their skills and knowledge in latest technology.

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