How to Be an MCDST/ Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician?

Anyone who has the skills and knowledge can be a desktop support technician. He is the one in charge of troubleshooting different desktop issues on a certain platform. Although everyone can be a desktop support technician, not everyone has the guts to be certified. One of the many certifications for this IT field is the Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician. Having MCDST certification will prove that someone has the ability, skills, and knowledge needed to troubleshoot the different issues on Microsoft Windows operating system. And because Windows is a common platform today, having this kind of certification is an advantage. But how can anyone be a Microsoft certified desktop support technician?

A candidate for the MCDST certification must have at least six months of training experience in supporting the end users of various desktop operating systems. Aside from this prerequisite, the candidate should also be able to pass the two core exams which are called Exam 70-271 and Exam 70-272. The former involves about supporting the end users as well as troubleshooting the Microsoft Windows XP. The latter also has about supporting the end users and how to troubleshoot the different desktop applications used on the Microsoft Windows XP platform. There is an elective exam but this is not required to be passed. When these are all met, the candidate will surely be an MCDST certified professional.

There are also questions whether providing the MCDST certification will be stopped with the introduction of Microsoft Windows Vista. Microsoft says it will not halt the MCDST because there are still employers and users who trust the value of the Microsoft Windows XP. However, those who already have the MCDST certification can have his Windows Vista certifications too. But a set of exams should be passed first before this is acquired.

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