How To Be An SOA Associate

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) associate plays an important role in providing
technical value in SOA. This position requires identification of business structure of the
company and be able to identify what area SOA can provide value. Determining the
barriers in SOA adaptation and linking the gap between the business and IT team are just
some of the tasks of SOA Associate. In a business especially in IT, it is crucial to have a
basic knowledge of SOA governance. With this, it will be easier for you to know how to
manage the IT issues and other business problems.

An SOA Associate helps in the communication concerning business personnel and the
technical team. This individual determines how the SOA affects the different tasks and
roles in the company. Increasing the people’s awareness on SOA is an essential task in a
company. That is why an SOA Associate needs to be articulate in training people the
different values of SOA solution and explaining the need to have SOA governance in the
organization. This should be in framework of the business strategy of the company.
Moreover, roadmap development and SOA adoption are included in the major tasks of an
Associate in SOA.

Being an SOA Associate requires to have all these skills. And to be able to attain this
title, the aspiring candidate needs to have the knowledge in Web services and should
have a general skill in the web-based systems. This too involves the knowledge on SOA
based technology standards.


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