How To Become a Certified Java Enterprise Architect

A Java enterprise architect is a certified Sun Microsystems professional.  Specifically, the title is termed as Sun Certified Enterprise Architect.  Those that acquired this certification have shown competence in designing and engineering an IT environment based on Java applications technologies.  It is also given to IT professionals that have proven capability to create applications that are compliant to Java EE programming. 

Getting a Java EE enterprise architect certification is not easy.  Prospective applicants to the certification must accomplish three required elements.  First, they should pass a multi choice examination that will be given by Sun Microsystems.  This written examination will test the theoretical as well as the practical knowledge of examinees about the Sun Java systems and applications. 

After accomplishing the knowledge based examinations, Sun systems will provide assignments to examinees.  These assignments are primarily practical problems and applications issues that need to be solved.  Solutions to these assignments may come from knowledge based books and manuals but it can also be solved through practical implementations.  The last step in the certification process is an essay exam which tests the ability of enterprise architect to communicate technical information to a broad audience. 

Sun Microsystems recommends several training manuals that will be needed for the exam certification.  These manuals and training kits can be purchased on the country website of Sun systems.  Studying these manuals and training materials could help examinees pass the certification process in one sitting.  Once a certification is issued, the IT professional can confidently handle IT architectural designs and troubleshoot IT systems issues.

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